What is a SUMO Person Account?

That is explained here.

Where are the Person Account Settings for the Online Scheduling Site?

  1. On the far right of the tab menu at the top, click on +.
  2. Find “SUMO Admin Settings” and click on it.
  3. On the “General Settings” tab, look for the section title “Person Account Settings” as shown in the screenshot below.
  4. Look for the following two settings that are highlighted.


How do these settings work?

1. Enable Customer One-to-One Model for Frontend

This setting controls the Login/Registration page on the Online Scheduling Site.  There are basically three options.  You may select either of these options or you may select both options:

  • SUMO Person Account
  • Std. Business Account.

The following screenshots are the three different ways this page will be displayed, depending on the option you choose.

A) BOTHcapture

If you select BOTH options, this page will ask the user if they would like to register as an organization (display account field) or individual (hide the account field).

B) SUMO Person Accountcapture

This option will hide the Account field.

C) Std. Business Acccountcapture

This option will display the account field.

2. Default Customer One-to-One Model for Frontend

Basically if you choose BOTH of the options in the field above (Enable customer One-to-One Model for Frontend), then you must choose which one you would like to be default selected when a user hits the Login/Registration page.  There are two options:

  • SUMO Person Account (will default select “an individual”).
  • Std. Business Account (will default select “an organization”).