Organizations use SUMO to manage and automate the process of staff & customer scheduling.  SUMO removes the inefficiencies of a manual process, such as phone tag and email tag, decreases no-shows with automated text message reminders, and increases staff utilization by allowing customers to self-schedule.

Example Use Cases

  • Higher Education – Universities use SUMO to automate scheduling students with academic advisors and career counselors.
  • Call Centers – Call Centers use SUMO to schedule their resources with customers for installations, training, and more.
  • Government – The County Court House uses SUMO to match interpretor requests with their database of interpretors (both employees -and- contractors) and schedule the interpretors into court rooms.
  • Healthcare – Medical offices use SUMO to schedule patients with practitioners, send text message reminders, and reduce no shows.
  • Non-Profits – Non-profit organizations use SUMO to schedule staff and volunteers with their audience.