About Locations

  • Locations are places that Providers can be scheduled into.  For example, a location may be a hospital, an office, spa, court house, etc.
  • SUMO can have an unlimited number of nested locations and rooms.
  • In order to schedule into a location, the location must first exist within SUMO. This means you must either enter all locations into SUMO manually or import them.

View a Location

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 6.00.44 PM

Click to enlarge.

  • Look at the tab menu and click on the “+” on the far right, and then click on “Locations”.
  • Click on the location.

Create New Locations

  • You can either look at the tab menu and click on the “+” on the far right, and then click on “Locations” and then click on “New” button.
  • Or on Calendar tab or the left nav bar, click on the “SUMO Quick Create” button and then choose “New Location”.


Complete the Location detail information and click SAVE.


NESTED LOCATIONS – If you would like to create nested locations, you may do this using the Parent Location field.  For example, if you are a University, you may create a location named “West Campus” and a location named “East Campus”.  Then you may create a location named “West Building A” and a location named “West Building B”, and on each of these 2 locations you will populate the Parent Location field with “West Campus”.  You may then create rooms under each of the building locations.  This hierarchy would be:

  • West Campus
    • West Building A
      • Room 1
      • Room 2
    • West Building B
      • Room 1
      • Room 2

…and repeated for the East Campus.

Edit a Location

You may edit a location record by searching for the location and clicking edit.

Inactivate a Location

When you inactivate a location you may no longer schedule appointments into this location.  No data will be deleted by inactivating a location.

If you would like to inactivate a Location, then you must take the following steps:

  1. Search SUMO for the location.
  2. Edit the location, and uncheck the checkbox “Is Active”.

Delete a Location

WARNING: It is not recommended that you delete a location.  Locations have related rooms, work shifts, and appointments, which may also get deleted.

To delete a location record, search for the location and click delete.