How to remove Quick Create Home Page Component

As shown in the screenshot below, you can see the “SUMO Quick Create” is producing an error and no longer functional. To remove this, you must follow these simple instructions. 1. At the top of any Salesforce page, click the down arrow next to your name. From the menu under your name, select Setup or click the […]

How to update the SUMO Logo with my Logo?

In SUMO Desktop, you can change the SUMO Logo in the top left to your company logo. 1. On the far right in the main nav bar, click +, scroll down, and click Documents. 2. Choose SUMO Documents folder and click Go! 3. Click “New Document” and upload your logo.  (NOTE: If your company logo is already in Documents somewhere, […]

How to send Mass Emails

You can send mass emails from SUMO.  You can learn all about this feature on the “Send Mass Email” article.

Release Notes & Patch Info

Here you may find all of the new features for each release, any known documented issues, along with any patches that have been made to the release. SUMO 5.9 Release Notes (Q3 2018) SUMO 5.7 Release Notes (Q1 2018) SUMO 5.5 Release Notes (Q4 2017) SUMO 5.1 Release Notes (Q2 2017) SUMO 4.8 Release Notes […]

How to Setup & Use Content Library

SUMO Scheduler includes the “Content Library”, which is core Salesforce CRM functionality.  Since this functionality is core to Salesforce, you may find all help online here: ONLINE HELP — Content Overview ONLINE HELP — Setting up CRM Content IMPLEMENTATION GUIDE — Salesforce Content Implementation Guide VIDEO — Salesforce Content VIDEO — How to Setup Content

How proven is the SUMO Security Model?

Please refer to the following articles, white papers, and videos. SUMO Security White Paper – The purpose of this document is to outline the various security technologies, certifications, and protocols employed by SUMO and our technology partners to give our customers confidence and peace of mind in SUMO. VIDEO: How Salesforce Does Data Protection & Backup

How to Merge Duplicate Records

SUMO includes tools to merge duplicate records.  You may find additional help here: Merge Duplicate Contacts Merge Duplicate Accounts

Managing Tasks, Notes, & Attachments

SUMO does a lot more than scheduling automation, such as Task Management.  You can create tasks and relate them to just about any record in the system, including appointments, accounts, contacts, households, and more. Assign a Task to Yourself View any record in the system, including an appointment, account, contact, and more. Scroll down the […]