Reminder Engine

Scheduling Text & Phone Reminders

Prior to Scheduling Text & Phone Reminders Before scheduling Text & Phone Reminders to be sent to your customers regarding the appointments with your staff, please ensure that you have updated the templates to be used when calling or texting them to ensure appropriate verbiage and merged information is going to be sent to them. […]

How to Update Header & Footer on Email Letterhead?

    SUMO comes with the following header & footer, which is used for all of the automated email appointment messages (appointment reminder, appointment modified, appointment canceled, and more).  It’s important to update the header & footer to match your own company look and feel. On the far right of the top nav menu, click […]

How to check my balance of Text or Phone Reminders?

You can check your text & phone reminder balance on the SUMO Settings Tab.  On the far right on the tab nav menu, click on the +.  Then scroll down and click on “SUMO Settings” or “SUMO Admin Settings”.  On the General Settings Tab, scroll down to the “SUMO Billing Information” section. Click to enlarge. The Billing Contact […]

How to Purchase Reminders

In order to automate text message & voice appointment reminders, you will need to Add Funds to your account. Recommendations If your providers hold 1 hour appointments, work 5 days a week, and 40 hours a week, then on average they will hold 160 appointments in 1 month. Therefore, you may have SUMO send 160 […]

How to Manage Email Templates

About Email Templates SUMO includes roughly 25 email templates out-of-box.  These emails templates are sent to customers and providers to provide them information about an appointment. Finding SUMO Email Templates To edit the standard SUMO reminder email templates: Login to SUMO as an Administrator. Click on your name, and then SETUP. Scroll down to the Administration Setup […]

Setup Text & Phone Reminder Templates

Purchase Reminders First First you must complete this step: How to Purchase Reminders. Now you can access the Text/Voice Reminder templates by click the ‘+’ tab, aka All Tabs Tab, then click SUMO Settings.  From the General Settings tab, click Text and Phone Settings, then either Text Notification Template or Voice Notification Template.  See the two following sections […]

About the SUMO Reminder Engine

SUMO includes a powerful Reminder Engine, which really helps reduce no-shows by reminding participants when their appointment is The 3 Types of Reminders At the core of SUMO is a powerful 3-Channel Reminder Engine.  The 3 channels for SUMO automated reminders are: Email Reminders Text Message Reminders Phone Reminders Each of the 3 channels are template driven […]