Private Appointment Sync

What is a private appointment? Sometimes you need to create a private appointment whereby no one else, except those invited, can see the details.  In the case of “Private” appointments, typically, those that are not invited will just see an appointment on your calendar that says “BUSY”.  Perhaps it is an internal management meeting (multiple participants) or […]

How to fix a Work Shift not Displaying Properly on the Calendar?

If you ever notice that a work shift is not showing up on the calendar correctly, there could be several reasons for this. Your User Time Zone is set wrong. Click on your name in the top right. Choose Setup. Click on “My Personal Information” and then “Personal Information” on the left. Confirm your User Time […]

How to Backup my Data?

Please reference the “Exporting Records” section in this article.

I added a custom field to self-scheduling WHO Step, but it doesn’t show up.

Go to Setup>Develop>Sites>Click on the Site Label for the SUMO Site (SUMO Voice Reminder?), then click on the “Public Access Settings” button. Here you can control the profile for the guest user license. Scroll down to the Field-Level Security section and click VIEW next to Contact. Click Edit.  Find the field.  And check the Visible […]

What does the “Hide Calendar Bin” checkbox on the USER record do?

If you edit your user record and check the box labeled “Hide SUMO Calendar Bin”, then this will HIDE the BIN for this user and display on this users calendar.  This limits this user from viewing other people’s calendars, changing their appointments, etc… NOTE: If users every expected to join meetings together then this setting […]

Can I re-direct Account Link to Contact for “SUMO Person Accounts”?

Why? We are using “SUMO Person Account“, so every time we create a “Customer” SUMO creates the “contact record” and creates an “account” by the same name.  Since the “account” in this case is useless, I would like to prevent users from navigating to it?  Therefore, I can make it so when a user clicks […]