Work Shifts

How to fix a Work Shift not Displaying Properly on the Calendar?

If you ever notice that a work shift is not showing up on the calendar correctly, there could be several reasons for this. Your User Time Zone is set wrong. Click on your name in the top right. Choose Setup. Click on “My Personal Information” and then “Personal Information” on the left. Confirm your User Time […]

Work Shift Email Templates

About When you create, edit, re-assign, or inactivate a work shift, SUMO will prompt you to automatically send an email letting the provider know of the changes. Can you modify these email templates? Absolutely.  You can change the graphical header and footer to match your brand.  You can change the text in the email template.  You […]

Work Shift Calendar Overview

About the Work Shift Calendar The Work Shift Calendar was designed to provide a visual representation of Work Shifts (who is working where and when).  Secondary, it includes features to create, edit, and re-assign work shifts. Day View Click to enlarge. The “Day View” allows you to view work shifts for a specific day, highlighting when the […]

Work Shift Overview

About Work Shifts A Work Shift defines where and when a Provider works. Work Shifts can be viewed on the Calendar, Work Shift Calendar, and the Online Scheduling Site. Work Shifts are used by the Online Scheduling Site to define windows of time when a user may be scheduled. Providers can have more than 1 work […]