Settings & Administration

How to setup SUMO in a GDPR-compliant manner

If your organization has made a decision that you are impacted by GDPR, you may complete the following instructions to configure SUMO to ensure compliance. SUMO offers administrators the tools required to comply with GDPR.  You are responsible for ensuring that your use of SUMO is compliant.  What follows are some suggestions you may use in […]

Setup SUMO Profiles

Overview SUMO users generally fall into 4 roles. Scheduler – This person needs ability to schedule on behalf of others, create work shifts, and more. Provider – This person often has near full scheduler access with a few exceptions.  You also have the option to limit providers to only manage their own calendar. Manager – This […]

Setup Salesforce Users

You have existing Salesforce users (Enterprise Edition or greater) that you would like to give access to SUMO.  These steps will help you achieve this. Assign a SUMO License to Each User Login to SUMO Click on your user name in the top right of SUMO. Click on SETUP. Under the Build section, click on Installed […]

Relate Self-Scheduled Appointments to Any Object

About SUMO can dynamically relate any Self-Scheduled appointment to almost any object.  For example: Mass emailing from a campaign and having self-scheduled appointments related to the campaign. Self-scheduling an appointment and having it related to a case. Self-scheduling an appointment and having it related to a custom object. The Setup In order for this functionality to work […]

How to Import & Export Records

Importing Records SUMO includes a data import tool, which can be used to import data into SUMO.  You can import standard objects, such as Leads, Accounts, Contacts, as well as custom objects, like Appointments, Appointment Participants, and more.  You may also add new records or update existing records. *Import Wizard Screenshot You may find additional […]

Setup New Users

This article will help you understand how to initially setup your team of users, including schedulers, providers, managers, and more. 1. Create a New User License Each user must have a SUMO license.  Once you have purchased SUMO User Licenses, follow these steps to allocate your licenses to your providers. Login to SUMO Click on […]

Installing SUMO Desktop into Salesforce

Existing Customers of Part of the power of SUMO is that you get your own copy that you can can customize for your business. One Free Install – If you already have a Salesforce org we will install SUMO into your sandbox –or- production environment for you once at no cost. Additional Installs $995 – Additional installations will cost $995 per […]

How to Setup Services Offered

What is “Services Offered”? In order to deploy the SUMO Online Scheduling Site you must specify what services each provider offers.  For example, if you would like people to self-schedule into an appointment with Jane Provider, and you would like them to be able to choose a service, such as “Initial Consultation” or “Follow-Up Meeting”, then Jane’s […]