What are SUMO Person Accounts?

Background SUMO supports organizations that work with Businesses (B2B) and organizations that work with Consumers (B2C).  For organizations that work with consumers (B2C), it is important to use “SUMO Person Accounts”. What is a SUMO Person Account? If you turn on SUMO Person Accounts (not be confused with a Salesforce Person Account) then every time you create a […]

How to Manage Accounts

Create New Account Accounts are for tracking B2B (business to business) relationships.  Accounts are typically business accounts, such as customer accounts, partner companies, prospective partner companies, etc… There are several ways to create a New Account record.  The most popular method is to click on the Account tab, and then click on the “New” button. […]

How to Manage Contacts & Customers

New Contact There are three types of “Contacts” pre-configured with SUMO: A “Customer” (prospect, client, patient, etc..) A business “Contact” (partner, employee, contractor, etc..) A “Provider” (someone in your organization offering a service that people will schedule with) Creating a New “Customer” Record A customer record is simply a new contact record, with the record-type = […]

How to Manage Households

About Households Households are a way for you to track family members that all live under one address. A family member may live under more than 1 household address. How to Create a Household First make sure you have entered all of the family members into the system as contacts. Click on the Households tab and click […]