Settings & Administration

Custom Fields (SUMO Admin Settings)

Custom Fields The “Custom Fields” section is where you may add custom fields to various aspects of SUMO. Provider Search Column Headings When using the Advanced Search for Providers, these columns will be displayed in the results. Provider Search Criteria When using the Advanced Search for Providers, these fields will be available as search criteria. […]

How to Setup the SUMO Portal

Learn how to use the SUMO Portal here. *Required if you choose Customer Scheduling Mode in the Online Scheduling Site – Global Settings. If you plan to allow your contacts in SUMO to register for a self-scheduling process, then you need to take a few minutes to setup the Scheduling Portal (aka Customer Portal).  Once the user has […]

General Settings (SUMO Admin Settings)

Where are SUMO Admin Settings? When logged into SUMO Desktop, on the right side of the tabbed navigation bar at the top, click on the + (All Tabs). Find “SUMO Admin Settings” in the list and click on it. The following 5 general settings are available. NOTE: You must be a SUMO Administrator to access SUMO Admin […]

Setup of Personal Settings (General Tab)

About SUMO Personal Settings is where each user may control their experience of SUMO distinct from any other user.  Each feature is explained below. Features  Click to enlarge. General Settings Appointment Default Duration – Most popular choice is 15 minutes.  It is best to set this at the lowest duration appointment you schedule.  So, if you […]

How to Setup Services

About Services You can see the “Services” field in this screenshot on the “New Appointment” page.  When scheduling an appointment users can choose a service from this list.  Users can also type anything they wish in this field, such as “Lunch with Julie”.  (NOTE: In this case, behind the scenes, SUMO will choose the “Other” service […]