SUMO Personal Settings is where each user may control their experience of SUMO distinct from any other user.  Each feature is explained below.



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General Settings

  1. Appointment Default Duration – Most popular choice is 15 minutes.  It is best to set this at the lowest duration appointment you schedule.  So, if you schedule 5 minute appointments, then set this to 5 minutes and they will be viewable on the calendar.  NOTE: If you do set this to 5 minutes, the calendar will become very long vertically, since it will break every hour into 5 minute increments.  Try it! Select 5 minutes, click save, and click on the calendar tab.
  2. Auto-Scroll Calendar to Current Time – Every time you click on the calendar tab, it will load at the current time.
  3. Appointment Display on Calendar – On each appointment on the calendar, you can choose to display the participants first and then the service, vice versa, or just the participants.
  4. Calendar Bin Limit (Bin Mode Only)- This is the max # of providers you can display on the calendar at once.
  5. Show Weekends in Week View – If you do not select this, week view will show Monday – Friday.
  6. Calendar Start Time – It is best to set this with the time your business usually starts every day.
  7. Work Shift Calendar Default View – When you visit the Work Shift Calendar, would you prefer it to load on the Day View or Month View?
  8. Calendar Mode – Would you prefer Bin Mode or Multi-Location Mode (aka Location/Provider Mode).

Notification Settings

  1. Phone Default Value – Every time you create a New Appointment, what would you like the default Phone Reminder default value be?  For instance, “1 Day Prior” would tell SUMO to phone the participants 1 day prior to the appointment to remind them.
  2. Text Default Value – What would you like the default 1st Text Message Reminder default value be?
  3. Second Text Default Value – What would you like the default 2nd Text Message Reminder default value be?
  4. Email Default Value – What would you like the default Email Reminder default value be?

Account Model Settings

  1. Enable Customer One-to-One Model for Backend – If this is checked, every time you create a new contact (type = customer), SUMO will not require you to create an account.  SUMO will create a Person Account.  This is best for B2C (business to consumer) type businesses.  If you are a B2B (Business to Business) then you should not select this option.
  2. Make Account Lookup Required – If you uncheck the ‘Enable Customer One-to-One Model’, it is recommended that you check this box, so when Quick-Creating a customer, it will require an Account. Otherwise, users may create customer contacts without an account, which other users may be unable to access.

Appointment Settings

  1. Auto-Add Current Logged in User to New Appointment – When creating a new appointment, SUMO will automatically add you (current logged in user) to the appointment participants list, so you don’t have to add yourself manually.

Custom Field Settings are located here.