SUMO includes a powerful Reminder Engine, which really helps reduce no-shows by reminding participants when their appointment is

The 3 Types of Reminders

At the core of SUMO is a powerful 3-Channel Reminder Engine.  The 3 channels for SUMO automated reminders are:

  • Email Reminders
  • Text Message Reminders
  • Phone Reminders

Each of the 3 channels are template driven and pre-configured by the SUMO Administrator.

Sending Reminders

Sending appointment reminders is easy to do.  Every time you create an appointment, just set it and forget it.

  1. Create a New Appointment.
  2. Set the Reminder Fields as needed.
  3. Click the “Notify Providers” checkbox if you would also like the providers to be emailed an appointment reminder.

NOTE: Learn how to opt-out people who may not wish to receive reminders.

Editing Reminders

You may always edit an appointment and change the reminder settings to “Do Not Send Reminder” to change the settings for the appointment.

If I cancel or delete an appointment, will the reminders be automatically stopped as well?

Yes, if you cancel an appointment or delete an appointment, SUMO will remove any reminders related to this appointment.

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