First things first, let’s make sure you understand what SUMO is capable of and what makes up SUMO.

SUMO includes 3 solutions in one:

  1. SUMO Desktop (backend)
  2. SUMO Online Scheduling Site (frontend)
  3. SUMO Mobile (mobile)

SUMO Desktop

SUMO includes the following modules, each of which include a collection of features:

Calendar The Calendar is used by to:

  • View multiple provider and room calendars at once.
  • Find openings.
  • Schedule appointments.
  • Set notification reminders.
  • Search providers by specialty, language, and any customer attributes.
Reminder Engine The Reminder Engine is used by schedulers to remind customers of appointments, and includes the following functionality:

  • Customize email templates.
  • Customize text message templates.
  • Customize voice templates.
  • Send email, text message, and voice reminder notifications.
Accounts Accounts is used to track account information for:

  • Your Company’s Profile Account
  • Business Customer Accounts
  • Partner Accounts
Contacts Contacts is used to track contact information for:

  • Providers
  • Customers (Patients)
  • General Contacts (partners, employees, contractors, business contacts, etc…)

The contacts solution also includes Mass Email functionality, where the SUMO Administrator may create HTML or Text email templates and send mass emails to groups of contacts.

Households Households is used to track households where customers (patients) live.
Locations Locations is used to track locations where appointments take place.
Rooms Rooms are used to track rooms where appointments may take place (optional).
Work Shifts Work Shifts are used to define when and where a Provider works.  Once defined, the Scheduler will be able to see these shifts on the calendar.

SUMO also includes the following general functionality for Schedulers, Providers, Partners, and more:

Social Features SUMO includes a layer of social collaboration functionality (Chatter) that is woven through-out SUMO, enabling all users to post comments, images, videos, links, take polls, and more.
Content Library The content library is a secure document repository where you can store documents of all types.  These documents may be private or publically accessible to all users.
Reports & Dashboards SUMO includes a powerful reporting engine where you may create your own custom reports to report on any data inside of SUMO.  You may also create custom dashboards, which are essentially a collection of reports. Finally, you may schedule these reports or dashboards to be emailed to you periodically.

SUMO Online Scheduling Site

Your Personal Scheduling Link Put your own “Schedule Now” hyperlink or button in your email signature or email templates.

  • Let people self-schedule with you.
  • No more phone tag or email tag.
  • Save valuable time.
Setup Team Scheduling Link Create a “Schedule Now” hyperlink or button on your web site or in an email template.

  • Let people self-schedule with your team.
  • Auto-Assignment across of appointments across your team.
  • No more phone tag or email tag.
  • Save valuable time.

SUMO Mobile

iPhone, Android, Tablets Access to all records on SUMO Mobile:

  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Appointments / Events
  • Households
  • Locations
  • Rooms
  • Work Shifts
  • And more…