The SUMO Calendar has two modes: Bin Mode and Default Mode.  You may switch between these modes in SUMO Personal Settings.

Advantages of Default Mode

  • Default Mode allows you to quickly switch between locations and load all providers working at that location.
  • Default Mode does not include Advanced Search or a Rooms Calendar (use Bin Mode for this).



  1. Select Locations – This drop down list lets you select one or multiple locations.
  2. Select Providers – This drop down list lets you select one or multiple providers.
  3. Per Page – You may increase this to show as many as 15 providers per page.
  4. Page Forward / Backward – You may use this selector to page forward or backward through the providers.

How to Turn-On Default Mode

  1. Click on SUMO Personal Settings.  If you do not see this, on the far right of the tab menu, click on the +.  Then scroll down and click on SUMO Personal Settings.
  2. On the General Settings tab look for the Calendar Mode setting, choose “Default”, and click save.